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Our Guide to Future

Improving people’s lives with our support and assistance

Our guide to future starts with our mission that declares our purpose as an organisation and serves as an ideal model of our actions and decisions.

  • Be a great place where people are inspired to be the best.
  • Nurture a winning network of people who make enduring value.
  • Be a responsible organisation that makes a difference by building sustainable communities.
  • Be a highly effective and fast-moving organization.
  • Support improvement of every person who wants to have it.

ValuesOur Empowering Mission

We aspire to create outstanding organisation that promotes educational excellence, career development and service to overall improvement. Our mission encompasses aspiration, improvement, educational excellence and social integration.

We aim to:

  • Transform the educational achievement
  • Elevate the life chances of young people in areas of social and economic deprivation
  • Help succeed at the highest levels of education, employment and the career development
  • Provide more chances for higher education and post graduate studies
  • Ensure ambition, high aspirations and support in developing startups
  • Make a substantial impact on social equality
  • Create and ensure access to a diverse network of educational opportunities

FIT IN our Team

Join our team and we promise a rewarding experience in return

You can become part of our team and get to work with wide network of organisations in the fieds od education, IT industry, entrepreneurship or social integration. You can take part in hosting events that support access and success in higher education or campaigns that share successful stories of people who have attained their life goals. All our work is structured under three overarching priorities:

  • Educational quality
  • Operational excellence
  • Knowledge sharing
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Vladimira Popovica 38-40, GTC Avenue 19, 11070 New Belgrade
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