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Our Vision for the Future

We provide a unique approach to shaping your future

We are non-governmental organisation that gathers around the goals of supporting the development of individuals and society in general. One of our main aims is to focus on higher education support by creating the stimulating and stable environment for developing creative ideas and sustainable business models.

Our efforts are focused on providing funds and empowering individuals to go up the career and educational ladder. One of the elements that makes this organization unique is the way it goes about its global outreach. As a non-profit organisation, we can help enrich the education of our generations and brighten their future by making this experience more accessible.

ProgramsFIT INto our Vision

Our programs aim to fast track solutions toward development and innovations. We tend to educate, inform and support every idea that goes in the direction of wholesome improvement.

We tend to support and encourage social integration through promotion of education and entrepreneurship, as those are the most powerful weapons in fighting against inequality and social marginalisation. We are committed to supporting individuals to develop innovative ideas and to strive for higher education.

Our Guiding Principles

We can help enrich the lives of future generations
  • formal and informal educational opportunities
  • implementation of educational programs
  • active commitment to social integration
  • higher education scholarship programs
  • social and economic development of the community
  • support for technological entrepreneurship and start-up companies
  • personal skills development
  • strengthening social cohesion
  • active implementation of sustainable development principles

Share Our Vision

To make a difference we need your support

You can become part of our network of conferences or offer to host an event that supports access and success in higher education. Supporting our campaigns you can be active part of successful stories or case studies, by signing up your organisation as our partner or raising the funds for attaining our mutual goals.

You can help FIT IN provide people with life-changing opportunities by making a donation today. Only together we can help enrich the lives of future generations, brighten their future and offer them educational or career opportunities that will significantly make an impact on the community as a whole.

Education and BusinessAwareness day

23 December 2019
11.30 AM
USCE Tower, 19th Floor
Bul. Mihajla Pupina 6, 11070 New Belgrade
+381 11 715 6990
Vladimira Popovica 38-40, GTC Avenue 19, 11070 New Belgrade
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